The Great American Pub - About Us - Raynham, MA

The staff here at The Great American Pub welcomes you and knows that your visit here will be an enjoyable one. From light appetizers to full dinners, each item is prepared fresh daily and served by a friendly, courteous and fun-loving staff, in the tradition of a true pub.
We have many televisions to enable you to view your favorite sporting events and we have decorated the walls with pictures of time spanning sporting heroes and historic Americana, so feel free to browse, relax and enjoy. Proudly serving Raynham and it's surrounding towns since 1984.
Great American Pub Owner-2012 World Champion Powerboat Throttle Man!!
Co- Owner of The Great American Pub in Raynham, MA, Walter Collins accompanied by his crew and boat were awarded the title of 2012 Class 3 World Champions at 2012 Palm Beach World Offshore Championships on October 22, 2012. This major accomplishment adds to a long list of accolades that Walter has acquired during his powerboat racing career. Below you will find a list of Walter's accomplishments and a picture of his boat, click picture for more information on Walter and his crew.
Walter Collins Powerboat Racing Accolades:
* 5 time World Champion
* 4 time National Champion
* Inducted into The Hall of Fame for Powerboat Champions
* Winner of The Top Gun Award for the fastest B-Bottom Boat at
 The 2012 Palm Beach World Offshore Championships.
2012 Powerboat Racing World Champion.
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